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In Hawaiian history, a Pu’uhonua was a place of refuge. A place dedicated to the protection of innocents, lawbreakers, the defeated in battle. It was a place of absolution, a place in which violence and vengeance were left at the door.

Grace in physical form.

A Pu’uhonua was not a place to stay, however. It was a temporary place of safety, with the end goal being reconciliation. When the war had ended, if your crime was forgiven, you returned to the community.

Many of us still need these places of refuge.

I am specifically passionate about providing this space for creative types. And I mean creative in the broadest sense. I have met too many people with unfinished books or screen plays. I have met too many musicians stuck behind a desk. I’ve met entrepreneurs perfecting their latte art instead of their business plan. Too many of us choose our career from a place of fear or societal pressure, and abandon the creative dream.

Many of us just need time. Dedicated time in which to reckon with our purpose and create a plan.

I want to provide that space, that time. I want a Pu’uhonua dedicated to creatives. A place where individuals can spend 3-9 months working on their craft, then return to the rat race. A place where your basic needs are met. It is more than a retreat center; this is not a place to hide. Yes, it might be a shelter and place of nurturing. But work is the ethos, reconciliation the goal. At the end of your time here, I want to release you on the world afire with your passion.

I have talked to a handful of you about this concept. This is the God-sized dream in my life right now. It involves a café, community gardens, housing, galleries, studios. The best coffee ever. I’m not sure how it’s all going to happen, or when. But I can see the shards of my life slowly coming together to form this vision. Is it still ministry? Maybe. My personal belief is that Jesus is the ultimate place of refuge and peace, and I seek to emulate his character in this life. I also believe there is incredible potential to meet your creator while earnestly seeking what you were made to do. But that is not an encounter I am going to force or define for you.

So why share this half-baked idea now?

I felt like it. I also believe there are many of you in my life who may play a part in this. It’s too big for one person, and frankly, I’d rather do it with good company.

If you have thoughts, ideas, questions – bring ’em on. If you want to do something like this, great. The more the merrier, it would be amazing to have an international network.

But I call dibs on Maui.


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